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"In its essence, Feng Shui is simply the informed assessment   and management of the earth's energy" - Kevin Walters

What is Feng Shui?

  Feng and shui translate as wind and water, two forms of naturally occurring moving energy.  In its essence, feng shui is simply the management of energy, or chi.  All of the commonly prescribed cures – wind chimes, mirrors, water fountains, and crystals – are simply means of modifying the flow of energy in a […]


How can Feng Shui apply to Urban Design?

Authors from Camillo Sitte in the 19th Century to Christopher Alexander in the 20th have taught the principles of feng Shui without referring to them by this Chinese term.  Understanding that everything is energy, we begin to see how the physical form and physical activity can have an impact, even subliminally.  Feng shui allows us […]