Feng Shui and Energy

Feng Shui and Energy


Everyone has heard of Feng Shui.  Not everyone knows exactly what it is, but virtually everyone has heard the term – this was not true ten years ago.  The words feng and shui translated are wind and water – two examples of natural visible moving energy.  When reduced to its essence, Feng Shui is the management of energy, or ch’i.  The frequently prescribed cures, wind chimes, mirrors, crystals, even the movement of furniture–are all methods of modifying the flow of energy. This is done in an environment to enhance the flow of earth energy to support the natural ch’i energy of the person who lives there.


Every ‘thing’, living or inanimate, has an energy field.  When we consider that everything is made of molecules, which are made of atoms – which are moving particles, it’s a little easier to understand that every ‘thing’ is ‘alive’ with its own energy field. That energy field can be diminished or enhanced by one’s feeling about the object.  If it is something that has wonderful, loving memories, then its presence actually enhances and supports your own energy every time you come into contact with it.  On the other hand, if it is something that carries bad memories, or perhaps it has monetary value, but came from a failed relationship, or was a gift from someone you really do not care for, the energy of that object actually diminishes your own energy.  This is why it is so important to adorn your house with things that bring you joy and make you smile, so that energetically they welcome you home when you return each day.


When a person has lived in a space for a period of time, their personal energy becomes a part of the space.  Karen Kingston, author of “Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui” states that if a person has slept in a bed for 6 months, their energy pattern in the bed is so strong that she can do a healing on them without the person even being present!  This becomes particularly useful information for anyone involved in a divorce – it is critical to get a new bed when you separate. Otherwise, in a way, your partner is energetically still ‘there’ making it all the more difficult to move on with your life.


Events also carry an energetic imprint, and the energy of the event can linger in the space long after the event is over.  Joyous events like weddings and births carry an energy that vibrates at a very high frequency.  Divorces, foreclosures, even arguments carry an energy imprint that vibrates at a very low frequency.  It is important to understand the impact that the energetic imprint of someone else’s events can have on your space.  When you move into a new space, whether it’s a different office, or a different bedroom, or a different apartment or house, it is extremely important to understand what has gone on in the space, and if appropriate, get it cleared.  A couple may move into an apartment and find themselves arguing over something that has never been a problem before – they could be activating a disagreement that was hanging around from the prior occupants.


With today’s economic woes and the abundance of houses for sale, understanding the history of the house that is being purchased becomes a critical part of the process.  Energetic imprints associated with financial problems – especially in the case of foreclosure – divorce, or even illness, can subtly or dramatically affect the quality-of-life of the new inhabitants.


The solution is called ‘space clearing’, and is typically a relatively short, focused ritual that clears residual energy from the space.  Incidentally, a major renovation also has the effect of breaking up any residual energy, making a ritual clearing unnecessary.


Karen Kingston’s process, the one with which I am the most familiar, involves the five elements of Feng Shui used in ceremony with sound and a great deal of intention.  Intention is one of the most critical elements in any application of Feng Shui. When the process is complete, and the space is completely clear, harmony balls, which are brass spheres with chimes inside, are used by the client to re-energize the space with their own energy – the attributes of their wishes, hopes and dreams of what the space will represent for them.  This is the nicest part of the process and really bonds the person to their space.


Space clearing is a wonderful way to refresh a space.  In a business environment, meeting rooms can get dense and heavy, creating an energy that can interfere with learning and creativity.  Whenever I speak at a conference, I try to get on the schedule first thing in the morning, so I will have a chance to do a quick clearing of the space to make it easier for the attendees to ‘get’ what I am trying to impart.


An understanding of earth energy was commonplace for indigenous peoples, and rituals such as this were performed on a regular basis.  Over the decades, however, we have traded much of our intuition and connection with the earth for a reliance on science and only those things which are apparent to our five senses.  Feng Shui provides the tools that allow us to recreate these connections, and to better understand how all of the things that we can’t see still have the power to affect our lives!


About the Author


Kevin Walters

Mr. Walters is a graduate of the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning program at Virginia Commonwealth University, where his thesis subject was Feng Shui and Neighborhood Development. He has studied Essential Feng Shui with the Western School of Feng Shui and Classical Feng Shui at the Golden Gate Feng Shui School. Since 1999, Mr. Walters’ consulting business has focused on improvements with affordable and homeless housing providers, including the Better Housing Coalition and Virginia Supportive Housing in Richmond Virginia. He is a member of the Home and Community Design Committee of Habitat for Humanity Tucson and has contributed to Community Renaissance’s Do Happy Today Program. With Do Happy Today, Mr. Walters assisted the Limberlost Neighborhood Association and the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation in the design of feng shui elements for the walking path at the Limberlost Family Park. He has presented Feng Shui programs at Planning and Housing Conferences in Arizona and Virginia, and most recently at the National Environmental Health Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas.



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