Consulting by Kevin Walters - FSP


The goal of my work is to create spaces that promote well-being at many levels, focusing primarily on affordable housing. Optimized energetic flow is the key to enhancing health, wealth, emotional stability, and even mobility, in much the same way that unrestricted blood flows to all parts of the body bringing nourishment.

Listed below are some of the services provided:

  • Review of existing and proposed structures to identify blockages from an energetic perspective and provide solutions to optimize the flow of energy
  • Assessment of land to determine its viability for supporting life
  • Assessment of neighborhoods to identify energetic flow issues and potentially harmful physical form, suggesting modifications.
  • Full consultation services for private residences
  • Written documentation of findings, with recommendations for improvement.
  • Space Clearing services for the removal of residual personal energy.

With Feng Shui Planning clients will reach their full potential of prosperity and well-being by protecting the flow of nourishing energy.