Feng Shui – Energy Flow for Health

Feng Shui – Energy Flow for Health


Did you know that Feng Shui – like Acupuncture – is one of the eight branches of Oriental Medicine?  Acupuncture optimizes the body’s energy circulation to organs, tissues and glands by clearing blockages leading to illness.  But many people don’t yet understand that if the person’s environment is contributing to the blockages, then sending the person back to that unhealthy environment may well undo the acupuncture treatments!  This is why it’s so important to make sure your environment has healthy energy circulation!   Since we are constantly interacting energetically with everything around us, our environment is crucial for health.

Literally translated, Feng means ‘wind’ but also chi – the currents of life energy within and around all things.   Shui means ‘water’ – representing money and abundance.  These two types of moving energy – air and water – are basic requirements for life!

Consider this: the atoms that make up every thing are themselves made up of subatomic particles – all moving and vibrating elements of energy.   We feel this energy whenever we enter a space.  Feng Shui views this energy as the foundation for understanding how we respond to our environments. Feng Shui is the intentional manipulation of this energy to achieve optimum flow, comfort, prosperity, and yes, health!

LA-ClownIf something catches your attention while you’re looking around in your environment, then your energy is interacting with its energy.  You get a sense of that energy by the way you feel.  What is the message of this Ballerina Clown?  Is it whimsy, or is it creepy?  Because this image is confusing, what Feng Shui regards as “unresolved energy”, it is most often perceived as creepy. Symbolically it can resonate with situations in our lives that are also confusing, or seek resolution.

To prevent disease, we need to be surrounded by healthy energy that flows with vitality!  So our goal is to look for opportunities to raise the energy of a space so our bodies can resonate to a higher vibration.

TreeOne excellent example of positive resonance is how our bodies relate to nature and specifically to trees.  The branching of a tree is similar to the branching of nerve pathways and the body’s circulatory system.  As Esther Sternberg, in Healing Spaces observes, these repeating patterns which are so pleasing to the eye may account for the calming influence of nature views.[1]  When we create home and work environments aligned with the healing forces of nature, we create spaces that naturally support and nurture whomever occupies them.[2]

The home directly mirrors the physical body and affects how it works.[3] For example, squeaking hinges and floorboards can act subconsciously as a constant complaint.  If you oil the hinges and nail down the floorboards, you may be happy to find that your joints and other systems flow more smoothly![4]

Broken or cracked windows can affect your eyes as the windows are the “eyes of the house”. Feng Shui says:  “Replace immediately!”  Clean, unbroken windows help us see clearly with inspired vision.[5]

Feng Shui sees hallways, stairways and entranceways as the arteries and veins that carry life force throughout your space.  When these are blocked with clutter it’s like too much cholesterol, causing high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, sluggish organs and disease.  Feng Shui considers clutter energetically as issues you hide away and don’t want to face, becoming unhealthy stuck energy.[6]

What is your world telling you!?!

walk-good-concreteLet’s look at a classic feng Shui example: This gently curving sidewalk encourages the movement of nourishing chi to the entrance, and positively affects the plants, the yard and certainly the residents.  Feng Shui loves gently curving paths as healthy and vibrant.

But this gently curving path has no nourishing chi moving along it, illustrating the importance of context.  The plants and yard are unnourished.  The path shows uncontrolled growth, weeds encroaching and loss of clarity.  How does this feel, and what could this reveal about the health of the contextperson who lives here?

One of my teachers, Benjamin Huntington, once shared, “if you have trouble opening the doors in your home, you’ll have trouble opening the doors in your life!”  Everything is connected.

As you go through your day, notice the things in your environment that bring you joy and lift your spirits. But also notice what catches your attention and is not quite right.  A message?  Imagine what in your body or your life these might symbolize!

You may be astounded!

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Published in Green Living magazine September, 2016

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Kevin Walters

Mr. Walters is a graduate of the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning program at Virginia Commonwealth University, where his thesis subject was Feng Shui and Neighborhood Development. He has studied Essential Feng Shui with the Western School of Feng Shui and Classical Feng Shui at the Golden Gate Feng Shui School. Since 1999, Mr. Walters’ consulting business has focused on improvements with affordable and homeless housing providers, including the Better Housing Coalition and Virginia Supportive Housing in Richmond Virginia. He is a member of the Home and Community Design Committee of Habitat for Humanity Tucson and has contributed to Community Renaissance’s Do Happy Today Program. With Do Happy Today, Mr. Walters assisted the Limberlost Neighborhood Association and the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation in the design of feng shui elements for the walking path at the Limberlost Family Park. He has presented Feng Shui programs at Planning and Housing Conferences in Arizona and Virginia, and most recently at the National Environmental Health Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

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