Growth And Development At Limberlost Park

Growth And Development At Limberlost Park

“What if… you could simply stand or sit in a special place and focus on your prosperity? Or hang out in another place to enjoy better relationships in your life?

Welcome to Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of energy and space! For thousands of years, Chinese Feng Shui experts have known that certain areas in a home, an office or outside have the best energy for improving different areas of your life.

With the generous help of the City of Tucson and the Limberlost Neighborhood Association, there is now a Feng Shui Wellness Walking path! Designed by Kevin Walters, of Feng Shui Planning, this walking path has sitting stations along the way for you to rest, meditate or just enjoy the energy boost for any or all these 9 areas of your life! Imagine how cool it will be to just take a walk, sit in the Helpful People space, being grateful for the helpful people in your life, and exploring ways that you can become a helpful person for someone else!

This is what the Feng Shui Wellness Walking path is designed to do! I hope you will come and bring your family to experience this remarkable public gift!”

About the Author

Kevin Walters

Mr. Walters is a graduate of the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning program at Virginia Commonwealth University, where his thesis subject was Feng Shui and Neighborhood Development. He has studied Essential Feng Shui with the Western School of Feng Shui and Classical Feng Shui at the Golden Gate Feng Shui School. Since 1999, Mr. Walters’ consulting business has focused on improvements with affordable and homeless housing providers, including the Better Housing Coalition and Virginia Supportive Housing in Richmond Virginia. He is a member of the Home and Community Design Committee of Habitat for Humanity Tucson and has contributed to Community Renaissance’s Do Happy Today Program. With Do Happy Today, Mr. Walters assisted the Limberlost Neighborhood Association and the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation in the design of feng shui elements for the walking path at the Limberlost Family Park. He has presented Feng Shui programs at Planning and Housing Conferences in Arizona and Virginia, and most recently at the National Environmental Health Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas.



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