Walking the BAGUA

Walking the BAGUA


A Users guide for enjoying the Limberlost Feng Shui Wellness Walking Path

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The energy of who we are, what we do (or want to do), and who we become in the process. If you look directly across the Park, you see Fame & Reputation and begin to understand the full path. Self is who you are when you enter the Bagua, and Fame / Reputation is who you are when you exit. Perfectly aligned: entering, passing through, and leaving the Bagua: all the energies of your life, and how you are remembered.


This is the energy that represents those people, past and present who have helped support us along our ‘path’, providing insight and support. This is where our Angels are. The energy of travel and being in a strange new place, also invokes the need for Helpful People.


This is energy that helps us focus on those things to which we give birth, not only our children, but also those things which we create with our minds and our hands, including art, music and writing. This is the energy of the Future!


This is the energy where we focus our attention on interactions with others. The goal is to attract and maintain a strong, balanced primary relationship. Also included are close relationships with friends, family and other significant people in our lives.


This is the energy that speaks to how we live our lives, what we accomplish and how we feel about ourselves, and how we want to be remembered. This is the Fire area of the Bagua. How brightly does our candle burn?


This gua represents the energy of financial support and ‘fortunate blessings’. If we look diagonally across the Park to the Helpful People area, we realize how much of our prosperity is the result of support from others, and how our prosperity allows us to become a helpful person to others.


This is the energy of Ancestry and the past and helps us to focus on our roots and those people in our lives, our non-traditional families, who help to shape us into the people we are. Glance directly across the Park and you will see the perfect complement, the future, represented by Creativity, Children.


This is the energy of constant growth and advancement, the energy that makes it impossible for us to stand still as we work diligently to improve ourselves. Peer diagonally across the Park to the Relationship area, and think about how much we have grown and become wise through the process of relationship, with a hope that this wisdom will always lead us to a better relationship!


The result of all the energies in your life being in balance, is the center: HEALTH – the ultimate goal and sublime energy! Every trip around the walking path can be a different journey, discovering old thoughts and new connections, seeking perfect balance and health through reflection on all the complementary energies that make us who we are.

About the Author


Kevin Walters

Mr. Walters is a graduate of the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning program at Virginia Commonwealth University, where his thesis subject was Feng Shui and Neighborhood Development. He has studied Essential Feng Shui with the Western School of Feng Shui and Classical Feng Shui at the Golden Gate Feng Shui School. Since 1999, Mr. Walters’ consulting business has focused on improvements with affordable and homeless housing providers, including the Better Housing Coalition and Virginia Supportive Housing in Richmond Virginia. He is a member of the Home and Community Design Committee of Habitat for Humanity Tucson and has contributed to Community Renaissance’s Do Happy Today Program. With Do Happy Today, Mr. Walters assisted the Limberlost Neighborhood Association and the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation in the design of feng shui elements for the walking path at the Limberlost Family Park. He has presented Feng Shui programs at Planning and Housing Conferences in Arizona and Virginia, and most recently at the National Environmental Health Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas.



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