Services at Feng Shui and Urban Design


The concept of using feng shui in an urban design context is new for many of us here in the United States, yet the decisions we make affect the people who live in our developments , and the developments themselves for years to come.  I am interested in speaking to any size group to help promote the understanding of ‘energy’ as part of a holistic planning process.  The goal is to introduce the concepts in a way that helps us examine each situation from a different perspective, allowing us to consciously create more supportive environments.


Planning has continued to reinvent itself over the decades.  Most recently, the New Urbanism Movement has helped to open people’s eyes about what is important, re-examining our core values so that we plan neighborhoods that support the way we want to live today.  New Urbanism has taken Planning to the next level.  The next step is to look just beneath or beyond our plan to understand the energetic component of the physical creation.  I am interested in working with clients who wish to bring the important element of ‘energy’ into the planning process.   Since each situation is unique, we can work together to make choices that maximize the positive energetic imprint of your development.


Personal Consultations

Whenever I do a presentation, whether on Affordable Housing, enhancements to Main Street Programs or understanding feng shui in Urban Planning generally, invariably attendees begin to make connections to energy and their personal lives.  So after a presentation, I begin to get questions about specific problems in their homes.  It is really rewarding to see people’s eyes light up as these ‘ah ha’ connections are made and they realize that things can change!  Personal consultations are the core of my training, and I am happy to work with anyone who feels they would like to have an assessment.  I have seen dramatic changes take place by simply recognizing and releasing ‘stuck’ energy.