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Thesis – Chapter 1 Introduction: 1.1 Planning Today

“The fact is that the difference between a . . . good town and a bad town is an objective matter. It is the difference between health and sickness, wholeness and dividedness, self-maintenance and self-destruction. In a world which is healthy, whole, alive, and self-maintaining, people themselves can be alive and self creating. In a […]


Thesis – Chapter 2 Planning Today: 2.3 Community

Community is the amenity most cherished by those looking for a place to live. According to Fannie Mae, Americans prefer a good community to a good house by a margin of three to one (Duany, Plater-Zyberk, Speck, 2000).  And yet, we continue to build subdivisions that thwart community at every turn. Life once spent enjoying […]


Thesis – Chapter 2 Planning Today: 2.5 Physical Design and Behavior

Good design may not generate good behavior, but bad design can encourage bad behavior. Viable albeit poor neighborhoods were demolished and their inhabitants conscripted into these experiments (Pruitt Igoe & Cabrini Green), which went bad almost immediately. Any number of additional factors can also be held responsible for the crime and violence of these projects—including […]