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Thesis – Chapter 3 Planning Literature: 3.2 Balance & Harmony

3.2 Balance and Harmony Balance is perhaps the most fundamental positive calming concept in our lives, thus its importance in Feng Shui naturally follows.  Harmony is realized when balance is achieved and the points of conflict that create tension are resolved, all relative to a person’s perception of the space.  Unbalanced surroundings create a feeling […]


Thesis – Chapter 3 Planning Literature: 3.4 The Bagua

3.4 The Bagua Feng Shui is very specific in its delineation of how ch’i energy is represented within a space.  The Bagua (pronounced bah-gwah) is the map that illustrates the location of the universal energies that affect every aspect of our lives.  The Bagua can be applied to a room, a house, a building, or […]