Introduction to Feng Shui Planning

Introduction to Feng Shui Planning

This video introduces the viewer to Feng Shui Planning and the the idea of recognizing energy, or chi, on a broader scale, illustrating  how Feng Shui can be applied to evaluate and improve our interaction with the world around us.

About the Author

Kevin Walters

Mr. Walters is a graduate of the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning program at Virginia Commonwealth University, where his thesis subject was Feng Shui and Neighborhood Development. He has studied Essential Feng Shui with the Western School of Feng Shui and Classical Feng Shui at the Golden Gate Feng Shui School. Since 1999, Mr. Walters’ consulting business has focused on improvements with affordable and homeless housing providers, including the Better Housing Coalition and Virginia Supportive Housing in Richmond Virginia. He is a member of the Home and Community Design Committee of Habitat for Humanity Tucson and has contributed to Community Renaissance’s Do Happy Today Program. With Do Happy Today, Mr. Walters assisted the Limberlost Neighborhood Association and the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation in the design of feng shui elements for the walking path at the Limberlost Family Park. He has presented Feng Shui programs at Planning and Housing Conferences in Arizona and Virginia, and most recently at the National Environmental Health Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

  1. Cy Englert says

    Great introduction, especially for people wanting to understand how Feng Shui can be practically applied. I hope to utilize your skills when I find a piece of land and build community.


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